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Can I tell you! Last night sucked so bad. I went to class and afterward had to drive home during one of the worst storms we've seen in a while. I couldn't even see my windshield. It was raining and hailing really hard. On my way home there were many little accidents and cars with their emergency lights on. None of the traffic lights were working b/c of all the lighting and thunder, so it was pretty scary driving through intersections. At one point I pulled over and hung out at a CVS store b/c it was so bad out there. Other people had the same idea b/c there was a group in the store waiting for the storm to pass or at least calm down. While all us strays were in CVS the lights went out. Lighting was touching all around us. One lady asked if we were in the middle of a hurricane b/c it was so bad. When it seemed a bit better I made a run for it, got in my car and drove home. It got really terrible again while I was driving. Lighting was landing so near that I thought I could be struck at any minute. The wind was so strong that tree parts where falling on my car and all around me. While driving I prayed for myself, my classmates, and any other unlucky person caught in the storm. When I finally got home, I was never so happy.


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