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Pet Peeve

OMGosh! I didn't realize how much of a tree hugger I've become until today.

So, side story: My wonderful husband bought me a really expensive and fancy Shark iron that I loved for the three entire weeks that it worked! Poof - out of the blue the fancy electrical control panel started blinking oddly and then the iron refused to heat up. I tried everything including dancing around seductively - nope still cold! I went to the Shark website and tried all of the two troubleshooting ideas!!! I wrote to customer service and aside from the automated "Thank you for emailing Shark," I've yet to receive another contact from this wonderful company.

Which brings me to today; I have about five loads of clothes that need ironing and about five more that I refuse to wash and allow to pile up. I decided to pack up the gang and head to Target to get a "normal" iron. After reading through all of the fancy descriptions "Steam Advantage, Auto off, Anti-slip, Comfort Grip, 360 degree pivot cord, etc." I decided on a regular old Black & Decker that heats up and steams! Growing up my mom had her Proctor & Silex for two decades, so I figured the simpler the better. Unless I am able to afford Rosie from the Jetson's I am not splurging on anymore fancy appliances.

Anyway, back to my pet peeve. So, while checking out I realized that I left my reusable grocery bags in the van. The cashier had already put my iron in the plastic bag when I said "It's okay, just give me the receipt I don't need the bag." Well, instead of just using the plastic bag for the next customer, she just grabbed it (along with five other bags that were attached to it) and threw them all in the trash!!! My jaw dropped and I said "Actually I will take the bag and the five other's you threw out, so that I may recycle them and protect the earth," and then her jaw dropped as she mumbled what sounded like an absurd apology with a roll of the eyes!


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