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Why is it that a mom can stomach almost anything when it comes to her children?

For instance, the other night after I finally sat down to rest my feet and read a book that I've been longing for all week, I hear my name being called. Now it wasn't your regular "Mom I need a cup of water" or "Mom can I have another hug?" Oh no, this was a mom-I-really-need-you-or-I-am-going-to-die, type of mom. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, my book was tossed, my cape was don on and I was flying up the stairs. The stench hit me even before I reached the room. Ugh, what's worst then poop? VOMIT! My twelve year old was awakened to vomiting! He was fine before he went to bed?! Why? WHY? WHY? WAHHHHH! It was all over his bed, on the floor, some on the wall! For a minute I thought I needed to call my priest to perform an exorcism. It was horrible. The worst part was that for a split nano-second (right before sympathy kicked in) I was angry about the mess. What a horrible mom. My poor guy is sick and all I can think about is how terrible it's going to be to clean up this mess. However, my maternal instincts kicked in and I scooped my big guy up and helped him to the bathroom. Yes, mother's have superhero strength under extreme circumstances. I learned in my anatomy and physiology class that this is your sympathetic system in action. Boy, was my sympathetic system in full gear. I think my body even stopped my bladder from producing pee. I was in maniac-I-want-these-germs-and-this-stench-out-of-my-house-immediately mode. After my son showered, and I made him a comfy make shift bed on the floor of my room - careful not to wake my sound asleep husband from his blissful state of ignorance and deep sleep, I then tackled the mess. I mixed a concoction of essential oils (cloves, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary) to disinfect. Shoot, it worked in the 15th century to avoid getting the plague, so it should work on vomit! I had to toss the sheets. Better to spend $15 at Walmart for a new set then to have to put that in my machine! Funny how a pair of Walmart sheets can easily replace ones from Bed, Bath, and Beyond under extreme duress. I am not one to throw things out easily, but trust me, this was something NO ONE should see. Hazmat would want nothing to do with this! Like a mad animal I cleaned until the room was squeaky and smelling fresh. After going to war with my son's room, I fell into bed exhausted, forgetting the wonderful book that I had longed to read all week.


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