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Making a Father's Day Carrot Cake...

...for my husband.

He loves, loves, loves my carrot cake, so although it's lots of work - he deserves it.

That golden delicious apple is part of my secret recipe.
"An apple in a carrot cake?" you may ask, maybe, I reply... h

Okay, here there are, finally in the oven.

And now they're cooling off and are ready to be iced.
Will be back later to show the finished result.
Now I have to make another mess.
Love making ic
ing from scratch.
Despise the messy confectioner's sugar.
Oh, and don't bother looking at these pictures for hints of my secret rec
I kept most of the ingredients out of the camera's view... BOOHAHAHAHA.

Okay, I am back. My cake got it's first layer of icing - the crumb icing and it's chilling in the fridge (hahahaha, no pun intended).

An hour has passed and I have finished icing the cake and putting the nuts on it. It looks so yummy. I cannot wait for him to see it tomorrow. He will be so happy.

Now I have to go marinate the pernil (roast pork shoulder) for his dinner.

Oh, one more thing - I will share with you one of my secret ingredients,

I use only 100% organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract. Yummmmm!


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