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Before I can love another

Born to uncertainty
Trying to make sense out of it, but falling short
Feeling insecure
Wanting love
Wanting acceptance
Confusion, a part of life
Head feeling heavy, about to explode
Many questions
No answers
Or maybe too many answers
Need to sort through life's entanglements
Need to deal with the past in order to fix the future
Must face demons; mine and others
Put things to rest
Go down that road and never face back
Need silence in my head
Contentment in my soul
My heart is open
My heart is vulnerable
I love too much
Or maybe I love too wrong
Must choose wisely
Weed out the bad...
...must love myself before I can love another

*To my wonderful friend who wears her heart on her sleeve. I pray that you put some demons to rest and find your life partner; someone who will love and appreciate the goodness in your soul.



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