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Analog Television

Today is the end of analog television. I don't know why it brings me such sadness. I guess a part of my childhood will die today. Memories of my siblings, friends, and I watching "Different Strokes," "Gillian's Island," "The Brady Bunch," "Little House on the Prairie," and shows like "What's Happening," have flooded my thoughts. Even Spanish programs have undulate those thoughts. Shows like "Cacucomicos, Iris Chacon, and El Chapulin Cororado."

Those were such simple and good times. We had no remote control in the early days. If we wanted to watch something else, we simply got up and turned the top knob. Yes, I said the top knob! If we lost the signal, we would volunteer someone who grudgingly got up to mess with the bunny ears, while we all shouted "You got it! Stay still! Don't move!" The person would stand there dumbfounded, "DON'T MOVE? What do you mean, don't move!" You come and do it then!" Ah, those were the good ole days. Simplicity had a different meaning. Things were actually simple. There was no fighting about what we were going to watch because we only had about nine channels to choose from: Channel 2 (CBS), Channel 4 (NBC), Channel 5 (not yet FOX), Channel 7 (ABC), Channel 11 (WPIX), Channel 13 (PBS), Channel 41 (Univision), Channel 47 (Telemundo), and one more which I can't remember. If there was arguing, it consisted of who was going to be Ginger and who would be Maryann or who could sit on the comfy loveseat and who had to sit on the uncomfortable couch with the plastic still on it. Yup, in the early days my mom still had plastic on some of the furniture. Her reason? "So it looks nice cuando visista comes over."

So good-bye analog television! My children will never know what it is for channels to end. They will never experience a bunch of colorful stripes on the television with a loud piercing sound which indicated that the channel was off the air. They will never know the joy of watching re-runs because you just didn't care - TV was that cool. They will never correlate bunny ears, wired hangers, or fuzzy static to television.

Indeed, the end of a wonderul era sadly ends today.


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