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Ten Random Thoughts About NYC

  1. The Energy is Exhilarating: There are so many things going on at once. I am entertained with people watching. Being part of the hustle and bustle of the city makes me feel energized. I love the diversity and the culture. Sometimes I forget how awesome NYC is.
  2. Children are so Independent: City kids are so much more independent then suburban kids. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. It is not uncommon to see very young children hanging out alone - crossing the streets going to the store, etc. I am way to overprotective to be a city mom. While enjoying the city I was still very aware of my surroundings and of my children. I was trying really hard not to be a helicopter
  3. People drive like idiots: Why is it that people don't know how to drive in the city? They are very impatient and rude! My driving demeanor changes when I am in NYC. I have to morph into an abrupt barbarian, so that the city drivers don't take advantage of me!
  4. So much materialism: I've noticed that many people's priorities are skewed. They are very into their appearance and keeping up with the Jones'. It seems that humility is a foreign concept for many.
  5. Modesty is Unheard of: So many short skirts and low cut blouses everywhere you look. You can look nice without being vulgar. Even some older women were dressed inappropriately.
  6. NYC has Beautiful Churches: I have a better appreciation for the Catholic Churches in NYC now that I have others to compare them to. The architecture and statues are breath taking.
  7. It's so Dirty: Although I am a New Yorker and will always love my city, I now realize how dirty it is... lol. I witnessed a lady eating a pretzel and throwing her napkin right on the ground (like no big deal) when there was a trash can like 2 feet away! The sad thing is that this is typical behavior. Many don't clean up after their dogs or themselves for that matter!
  8. My house is not small: After being an entire weekend in a NYC apartment, I realize how enormous my house is. I am very blessed. My Father-in-law and his wife entertained about 20 + family members in their small apartment and we had a great time.
  9. So much Yummy Food: No matter what you want to eat you can find it, it doesn't matter where in the city you are or what time it is!
  10. I Miss Walking and Public Transportation: Although I love the convenience of just jumping in my car and not having to carry my groceries 10 blocks :) I miss walking and window shopping. The great thing about NYC is the eye candy - your eyes are never EVER bored!


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