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Mass @ Church of the Good Shepherd

While in NYC we decided to go to mass on Saturday night b/c we knew that Sunday would be a very busy day since it was my Father-in-law's wife's baby shower. I had been so worried that we would have to travel far to go to church, but to my great surprise there was a Catholic church a half a block away from my Father in law's apartment building.

We went to confession before mass. The confessional booth was so architecturally beautiful. It's been a while since I had the sacrament of confession in a traditional booth. My children were in awe of it. The priest was a Franciscan Monk and my children were also in awe of his garments and sandals. What a nice and kind man this priest is. He left an impression on all of us.

After confession we did our penance and stood for mass. The mass was beautiful. The priest blessed water and renewed our baptismal rites. The organist played beautifully and the singer was angelic. In honor of Memorial Day we sang traditional American hymns. The mass was amazing. The church was absolutely breathtaking with all of it's architectural details.

We are looking forward to visiting this church again the next time we are in New York. It left such an impression on us that we bought a "thank you" card for Father Abbatiello and plan to send it out tomorrow.

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