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What makes you our hero?
Putting your life on the line for our country?
The gun and badge you once carried?
The fires you now put out?
That’s what makes you everybody’s hero.

Our hero,
Kisses our booboos,
Tucks us in at night,
Acts like a monster, a dinosaur, and even a wormy.
Our hero,
Plays hide-and-seek, baseball, football, and sometimes even soccer.
Gives us baths,
Reads us books,
Makes funny voices,
And rocks at Guitar Hero.
Our hero,
Mows the grass,
Grills our burgers,
And fixes things.
Our hero,
Takes us to church,
Prays with us at night,
Says rosaries,
And will lead us to Heaven.

Our hero, is not just brave,
Our hero is so much more.
-Yvette Negron-Torres


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