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Today I must give a 7 - 10 minute Power Point presentation on the disease of my choice. I am so nervous and I shouldn't be. I have given breastfeeding classes to about 15 to 30 women during various occassions. However, this little presentation has my stomach in knots.

I have chosen Angelman Syndrome as the disease I will talk about. People with this neurological disorder are called "Angels". What a perfect term, for they are angelic in appearance with ever smiling faces. I have learned a lot about this disease and feel compassion for the people who suffer from it and for their families. However, I feel that those touched by an "angel" are truly blessed for these are the souls of innocence and true love. People who have Angelman Syndrome happen to be very loving and affectionate individuals.

In a few hours I will tell their stories and will feel honored for having done it, despite the nerves :)


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