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Mind over Matter

Since my last post I have been a MANIAC.  Oh no, now I have that stupid Flashdance (Hall & Oats) song on my mind!  "She's a maniac, maniac, on the floor..."

Gosh, I get so easily Okay, back to me being a maniac.  I finished all the laundry!  And I mean finished -  folded, ironed, hung, put away... I cleaned all of the children's rooms, my master bedroom and closet, the children's bathroom and my main floor bathroom.  I read all of my children's paperwork and threw lots of stuff out.  I filled out three more Christmas cards... hmmm, what else?

I can't remember, maybe b/c I am really tired.  However, I feel good and I feel accomplished.  I was the Energizer Bunny, but I was also a good girl.  I didn't push, lift, carry, or haul anything heavy.  I took breaks in between tasks and I popped a pizza in the oven for dinner to compensate for some of the other work I did :)  I guess you can call this nesting? Right?

I think I will sleep well tonight, unless crazy baby decides to do her gymnastic tricks...


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